Your Ultimate Personal Retreat


Your outdoor space can be a place of escape when you want to leave the pressures of your busy life. If you desire a getaway where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings, the atmosphere and the peace – well, you can have it with the right planning – yes, right in your own backyard.

Outdoor space can be viewed as an addition to your interior space. Your patio can be transformed into a perfect place for dining, relaxing, and entertaining. The addition of a flower garden, outdoor kitchen, water feature, pergola, paver patio, or outdoor sound system will help to create a place for relaxation and memories. Everything Outdoors can customize your outdoor space by adding sculptural art, outdoor furnishings, or an outdoor fireplace.

So, what’s the first step? You need to take a look at the way you live, as well as the way you desire to live. What about your family – their likes and dislikes? How about outdoor entertaining? Is it frequent? And what about cooking and dining outdoors? Does your taste run to the casual or formal setting? Do you have a green thumb, or do you prefer to spend more time enjoying the garden and less time maintaining it?

Evaluate your existing landscape with a view to bring out the best in your site-take advantage of any of its natural features. If your budget permits a pool, spa, or barbeque, these amenities add to the ambiance of your backyard retreat. For backyard entertaining, adequate space for tables, seating, furnishings, and accessories is necessary. Interior rooms should allow for the easy access to the exterior living space.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa can make your outdoor space somewhere you may not want to ever leave. Call us today at 918-236-9173 to discuss your Tulsa landscaping  outdoor retreat.

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