Best Ways to Enhance Your Landscape Design


Your home is your sanctuary so why not invest in making it the best place on earth, not just from the inside but also from the outdoor? Here are some great ideas from our landscape design experts to add color, texture, and warmth to your outdoor space to make it more attractive, inviting, and functional.

Idea#1—Renovate the Lawn to make it Lush Green

If you can notice weeds, bare patches, brown spots, or maybe dead grass around your garden, then the first thing you need to do is to renovate it. Replant new grass to give your home a refreshed and beautiful green appearance. The rule of thumb is that if 50 percent of your lawn is grass, then you should re-seed it. However, if you can see brown spots and weed all over the place, then the best way is to re-sod it.

Idea#2—Adorn Your Entrance with Beautiful Flowers

Some of the most beautiful flowers that you can adorn your entrance with are annuals, perennials, Gertrude Jekyll, Lily of the Nile, and Snapdragon. These flowers look stunning, add beauty and color to the landscape, and are a great way to greet guests.
However, if you want something more stately, then choose plant vines such as Clematis which offers blossoms of purple, blue, red, white and pink. Vines look versatile on fences and trellis.

Idea #3—Repeat Key Elements

Another great way to increase your curb appeal is to repeat vital elements throughout your lawn, because it will give your garden continuity. It is a great idea, especially if the component of your choice crosses a pathway seeping into the parallel bed. It helps with the back and forth eye movement throughout the space making the space well-uniform and in synergy.

Idea #4—Add Drama

From landscape lighting to water features and fire pits, work with these elements to add drama to your outdoor environment. What decor you choose for your outdoor space will set the mood and create the atmosphere you desire.
For example, a functional and well-maintained water feature offers a visual treat of textures and colors when enhanced with water lilies. From a pleasant view to sweet botanical fragrances, it’s a joy to sit in the garden and relax. Likewise, landscape lighting helps highlight the focal points of your lawn. Besides this, it also provides added security from burglars as your place is well-lit and enhances home safety by lowering the risk of slip and fall.

So, are you ready to add some creativity to your outdoor landscape? If yes, then contact us to benefit from our professional landscape design services today in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and Owasso. Allow us to transform your landscape into a comfortable, relaxing, and visually appealing space, just the way you want it to be.


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