Pergolas and Pavilions


Indeed, adding a pavilion or a pergola to your outdoor space is a quick and effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. Both are elegant and free-standing architectural structures that add detail, grace, beauty, comfort and of course, functionality to a landscape. They make perfect partners to climbing vines, plants and hanging baskets.
So, if you are wondering what the difference between the two options and which is better, then read on to find out?

Featuring a lattice-style and rectangular shaped roof which is supported by posts, pergolas are mostly used to define and cover large areas such as entire patios and outdoor seating areas. A pergola has an open roof which enables you to see joists, slats, and layered beams. The berms placed across the support system of a pergola provide shade from the sun. It can add quite a bit of charming architectural detail to your space, especially when enhanced with lights, decorations and hanging plants on its posts.
A pergola is a good investment and the right choice if and when:
You want to separate your outdoor space elegantly
You are looking for a roof with open slats
Sun protection is not a top priority since it provides some shade not all
Weather elements such as rain don’t bother you
You are willing to spend more money to apply a water proofing system to the pergola such as retracting vinyl underlayment canopies to use the space in case it rains

A pavilion has a solid and completely closed roof with no walls on the sides. It is just held with 2 to 6 posts depending on its size. It is mostly attached to a paver patio, concrete base or a deck. Since it is fully covered, it allows you to use your outdoor space even during inclement weather, such as heavy snow or rainfall. You can sit under the pavilion and enjoy the weather outdoors without getting wet in the rain or other elements. Since it has a fully covered roof, it makes it easy to add light fixtures to space, sound systems and electronics too, such as a TV.
It is a great option for those who:
Excellent protection from weather elements like the sun during summers, rain or snow
They are shingled to maximize your protection
Want to keep their eye-line clear across the landscape
Have an outdoor kitchen and want to cook outside despite the weather

For more information on pergolas and pavilions or installation services in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, or Owasso, contact us today. We are experts in pergolas and pavilions installation. Let us help you enhance your outdoor space.


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