Everything Outdoors of Tulsa is supplied in part by Greenleaf Nursery, as they have been growing an endless list of stellar plants and trees since 1966. Below is a link to an extensive plant list, attributes, and pictures for your review, along with an overview of the company.

Greenleaf is one of America’s largest wholesale nursery growers, each year producing many millions of container-grown plants for retailers, re-wholesalers, and landscapers across the U.S. and Canada.

Primary products include: one of the industry’s widest selections of broadleaf evergreens, flowering and deciduous shrubs, 70-plus varieties of ornamental grasses, a full complement of shrub roses, a broad conifer selection, annual, perennial, and tropical “color,” an excellent shade and ornamental tree offering, and a selection of the most popular small fruit and fruit tree varieties.

Complete landscape expertise

No matter whether you’re looking for a completely unique design or perhaps one which will help you reduce your carbon footprint, our expert landscape designers and installers have the experience and knowledge to make your dream Broken Arrow / Tulsa landscaping a reality.