Organic Gardening

Having an impact on our environment does not have to be at the expense of the health of your landscape. In our commitment to “keeping Broken Arrow / Tulsa green,” we work with our clients to reduce the chemicals that leech into groundwater or run off into our local creeks and streams. The use of organic fertilizers and pesticides allows you to enjoy both a lush landscape and a green lifestyle.

Organic gardening also creates a landscape that is safer for our clients, their pets, and the surrounding wildlife. Birds will be drawn to a habitat that is free from harmful chemicals. As we utilize organic materials, our clients have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living spaces that are more richly filled with the sound and beauty of a variety of birds.

By offering our clients organic gardening alternatives that are biodegradable, produce less waste, and create healthy soil enriched with organic matter, Everything Outdoors of  Tulsa creates a partnership that produces beautiful results.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Each of us has an effect on the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. We have become more conscious of lowering fuel and energy consumption, making our homes more efficient and recycling. At Everything Outdoors of Tulsa Landscaping, we recognize the design, planning, and maintenance of your landscape also influence our carbon footprint. We are committed to making a positive impact here in Broken Arrow / Tulsa.

For our clients who are thoroughly focused on climate issues or those with a growing interest, we enjoy sharing our expertise in this area. Everything green in your landscape captures carbon from the atmosphere. The healthier the plant, the more carbon it reduces. Committed to water conservation, we utilize a variety of methods, including drip irrigation and rain collection systems.

Permeable hardscapes

Without a doubt, the verdant color of your landscape is the yin to the hardscape’s yang. One completes the other. The use of permeable hardscape materials does more than add character and distinction to the space in which they are used. On patios, walkways, natural areas and driveways, these materials reduce water runoff by instead allowing it to filter slowly into the ground.

As water conservation has become an increasingly important concern in Broken Arrow / Tulsa, Everything Outdoors of Broken Arrow / Tulsa is implementing more permeable hardscapes and reducing the turf area of the landscape. Brick, pavers, limestone, wood mulch, and flagstone are some of the products we utilize.

We proudly service Broken Arrow / Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso & the surrounding areas in Oklahoma.