Retaining Walls

Retaining walls produce creative delineation and separate texture to a landscape or garden. Your Tulsa landscaping design offers added ambiance with the beautiful materials and design of the retaining wall.

Everything Outdoors of Broken Arrow / Tulsa offers 4 primary options when designing a practical and well-constructed wall. When considering which retaining wall block to use, here are the first things that require your decision:

a. What type of base does it require; rock, cement block, or gravel

b. Will there be water (hydro-static) pressure hitting it, or water swelling around it

c. What type of backfill will be utilized; gravel, soil, etc.

The Standard Primary Retaining Wall Block Options Include:

1. The Uni-lock Segmented Unit Lock Together Wall Systems

  • There are height restrictions that can limit height choice
  • They may require special engineering and assembly
  • Segmented wall systems have limitations that pose difficulty in certain settings
  • Blocks are interlocked with pins, or else might require an adhesive lock to support the strength of the units and wall.
  • Geo-Grid is often installed for further stability

2. Natural Stone

Natural stone offers most attractive design options. A reasonably-priced approach, this option incorporates dry stacking and hand picking and gathering of your stones. Natural Stone includes:

  • Field Stone Boulders
  • Thin Stack Stone – This is the solution that provides the most natural look and feel. It is the approach that works best for landscaping retaining walls on gentle slopes.

3. Timber Structure

This approach is quite beautiful because natural wood always provides a warm feel with natural elegance, however there are down sides to this application. It is not a good choice if the wall will be consistently damp or wet, or if water pressures will act as a force against the wall.

It is also not advised if you are growing food and other edibles that may transfer the wood treatment or creosote chemicals into the food grown near this wall through water-stimulated seepage over time.

It can be perfect for the flower garden or the lovely sweeping sections of flowers and shrubs that augment the feel of your home and landscape. If your home has a wood exterior, this retaining wall material can augment a landscape with a jaw dropping theme of natural beauty. Remember that with the use of wood retaining walls you will be looking at;

  • Treated Pine Material
  • Shorter Life, meaning eventually it will rot away

4. The Masonry Retaining Wall Block System

This is another way to integrate stunning design enhancement into your retaining wall project.

For the masonry wall you will be looking at:

  • Stone & Brick

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