Patio Ideas


Patios are great spots to gather with family and friends. Your deck, fire pit, fountain or some other favorite backyard place are all candidates for a patio.

Patio furniture can be simple or elegantbut above all comfortable. You can use similar colors and designs for variety.

A unique idea is the addition of mirrors. They offer the feel of expanding the area.

Fountains and ponds are restful and they accent your Tulsa landscaping outdoor area.

The use of hanging artwork and sculptures offers a distinctive look. The rich Native American heritage in our state allows for the addition of beautiful sculptures that will provide a striking impression.

String lights are a relaxed and stylish addition. They are versatile and small and spread the light easily at night.

Large rocks, of which we have many in our state, require no maintenance. Plus they add rich color and texture to any patio area.

If you enjoy entertaining guests outside, the addition of a dining table will provide many pleasant hours of fun, fellowship, and food. Overlooking a fountain or garden as you spend time with guests and partaking of a meal together is so enjoyable.

Everything Outdoors Tulsa has more eye-catching ideas for your patio! Call us to schedule an appointment.

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