Retaining Walls | Contending Against Gravity


Retaining walls are all around our neighborhoods and towns, but generally we don’t even see them. They’ve become such a part of the landscape.

If you think you may need a retaining wall, the place to start is with an experienced landscape company, Everything Outdoors of Tulsa.

Retaining walls support the ground. They prevent the dirt from slipping and sliding due to erosion. You might say they contend against gravity. A retaining wall helps to disperse the lateral force of a slope. With Oklahoma’s recent and frequent history of earthquakes, a retaining wall can offer extra stability.

Retaining walls can transform sloping ground into terraced land, thus making it usable for Tulsa landscaping and more.

Retaining walls control water runoff, preventing soil erosion. If your home is threatened by a sliding hill, a retaining wall may be an answer to protect it.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa is a competent and licensed landscape company. We are knowledgeable and prepared to handle any situation your yard may present to us. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

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