Preparing for a Landscape Design Project


So, you’ve moved into a new home and you’ve decided to change some of the landscaping. Or, perhaps you have lived in your home for years and just feel it’s time to change things around a bit.

You probably have some ideas about the look that you want to achieve. So, jot down some notes, find pictures in magazines or pictures online that portray the landscape design you find attractive.

In the winter and early spring is an excellent time to begin working with Everything Outdoors of Tulsa to get your project underway in time for your summer outdoor activities. Oklahoma has an amazingly diverse flora with many native plants that will add striking beauty to your landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a complete landscape re-design or simply to add an element to your yard, call for a FREE estimate! We will evaluate your property and make suggestions. We will ensure that your Tulsa landscaping plan is right for your neighborhood, your space, sun exposure, architecture, etc.

We will work to incorporate your preferences, color choices, and landscape accents into a design that harmonizes with your property.

Hardscape construction should be done before your plant living things. Certainly, you may add hardscape elements at any time, but we recommend that it be added first. Water features, walkways, and fire pits are installed with excavation, trenching, and concrete pouring, so you don’t want to disturb your landscape and have to reinstall it.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa can help you select the type of foliage that you find attractive, then we will help you find shrubs, plants, and trees that are suitable for our Oklahoma climate.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa, professional landscape designers, will make sure your outdoor living spaces are visually appealing the year round. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!

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