Outdoor Fireplace


Why you need an outdoor fireplace. To provide an entertainment space, added living space, increase property value, and add character to your home.

Where to put the outdoor fireplace. Everything Outdoors of Tulsa can help you make that decision. But for basics, you probably want to build it close to the kitchen doors. And you want it to be private for entertaining.

Type. From custom-built outdoor pizza ovens to grill-grate or pass-through to gas fireplaces, your lifestyle will help you decide. Also, pre-built or custom-made fireplaces are a costly option, if your budget allows. And another more costly option, some fireplaces can be designed to serve more than one function.

Budget Consideration. $7,500.00 is generally the starting price for an outdoor fireplace. Of course it depends on the materials, size, special features, and existing structures.

Seating Area. If you plan to entertain around the fireplace, you will need to provide a seating area. So, benches or chairs? How many? Do you want to share seating with the swimming pool area, Tulsa landscaping and garden area?

Let Everything Outdoors of Tulsa work with you to create an outdoor fireplace that will bring relaxation and pleasure to you and your family for years to come. Call us today at 918-236-9173 to schedule a meeting!

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