Pergola Installation, Tulsa


Everything Outdoors of Tulsa is the premier source for Pergola Installation, Tulsa.  Pergolas are a great addition to an outdoor space.  They provide filtered sun rather than full sun.  Oklahoma summers can get hot.  Adding a pergola to your Tulsa landscaping outdoor space in Tulsa will make those hot summer days much more bearable.

Everything Outdoors uses cedar or rough cedar in their builds.  Typically we use 6×6 or 8×8 posts.  A triple stacked pergola we have found to be the most popular.  In most cases, we scroll the ends to the homeowners desired look, and stain each pergola with an Olympic outdoor stain.

With fire pits, and fireplaces getting so popular, we have seen a major increase in the demand for pergolas tied into these types of areas.  The same can be said about tying Pergola Installation, Tulsa into outdoor kitchen areas.

On the majority of our builds, we include lighting.  Installing lighting in each corner of a pergola really sets it off in the evening.

Although square or rectangular pergolas are most popular, we have built multi-sided pergolas as well.  With customers wanting to spend more time outside, running speakers is also becoming popular.

Here is something else to think about, ROI.  We have found that you will get an average of 75% back out of a well built pergola as far as adding to home value.  Homeowners want what we call in the industry an “outdoor room”.  Pergola’s are a great way to achieve this feeling.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa is the leader in the area for well built pergolas.  We do not install the biggest quantity, we install the best built and we are proud of that.  Other companies sell “kits”.  We do not.  We feel as though every homeowner has their own taste.  They have their own vision of what they want their space to feel like.  For this reason, Everything Outdoors of Tulsa separates itself from it’s competitor by building their pergolas to each individuals need and wants.

You can check out our website at www.everythingoutdoorstulsa.com or our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EverythingOutdoorsofTulsa/ to see our work.


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