What’s New for 2020


Outdoor Living Rooms
Open patios or decks where homeowners can enjoy grilling out and casual entertaining have been popular for years several years now. However, the trend today is to create a covered outdoor room that you can enjoy all year round. This could include everything from an entertainment center with a built-in widescreen TV to a with a full bar area with amenities such as a kegerator.

Jake Turner, the lead designer with Everything Outdoors of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tulsa landscaping expert, says for some of his clients he is “literally building a small house in the backyard. They want dishwashers and ice makers and outdoor bathrooms that are tied directly into the sewer lines. They have pitched roofs and 30-year shingles. In many cases, the outdoor area becomes larger than the indoor one.” These structures also provide an indoor/outdoor area as well as a safe environment where children can hang out with their friends and family.
Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s
Gas grills have been the standard for cookouts for years, but why settle for that when you can have a full outdoor kitchen complete with all of the amenities? The staggering amount of outdoor kitchen inserts these days allows for everything from a basic outdoor grilling area to a fully functional gourmet kitchen. Everything Outdoors of Tulsa has noticed a surge in requests for outdoor kitchens in the past 5 years, and we suspect that trend will continue into 2020 and beyond.
Pavilions & Pergolas
Cedar Pavilions and Pergolas are the most popular they have ever been in the outdoor living space in the Tulsa area. Pavilions are made to keep total shade and total protection from elements such as rain. Pergolas are a great alternative to Pavilions that create up to 70% shade for the area. Both will give the homeowner a feeling of being in an outdoor “room” while using them. At Everything Outdoors, we construct our structures out of cedar and tongue and groove lumber in most cases.

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