The top 3 landscaping features of the season in Tulsa OK


Top 3 Landscaping Features for your Home in 2017

Landscaping is often defined as interior designing for the exterior of the house! This is because it is an art form in itself, where you learn how to use free space in the best, most aesthetically appealing and yet practical way possible. Although you can get away with fanciful designs that don’t serve a purpose when designing the interior of the house, you don’t get this much freedom when landscaping, since you also need to keep practicality in mind.

To that end, following are the top landscaping features for your house for the year; which not only add to its aesthetic appeal, but also provide the much needed practicality.


A patio is a wonderful addition to any house, and when you have a large enough space, it becomes almost a requisite to add a patio in there. A patio is one of the best landscaping features, since it provides the ultimate in practicality, while still beautifying your house.

Fireplace or Fire Pit

If you really enjoyhosting outdoor barbecues, you would do well to add in a fire pit or a fireplace. Not only can this serve as a nice heating system for those cold days and nights when you want to spend some time outdoors, but it can also work as a brilliant cooking system.


This is the only Tulsa  landscaping feature that is more aesthetic than practical. However, it helps the ecosystem a lot if there is a water source, even if the water is artificially pumped through a series of tubes and pipes.

As a side note, outdoor kitchens are gaining ground very fast as well.

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