Outdoor Fireplaces


An outdoor fireplace by Everything Outdoors of Tulsa opens a new entertainment venue, plus it increases your living space.  An added benefit:  your property value gets a boost.

Everything Outdoors of Tulsa is experienced in the design and construction of fireplaces—all types and sizes.

So, let’s get started.  Everything Outdoors of Tulsa will help you determine the right location for your outdoor fireplace.  Will you want it to be close to your kitchen?
Is privacy a concern?  We can help you with these questions.
How will your family use the outdoor fireplace?  This helps us to determine what type of outdoor fireplace you need.  Possibilities are outdoor pizza oven, grill-gate or pass-through fireplaces, gas fireplace, and of course the wood burning fireplace.  We can help you decide which type will work best for your family and location.
The cost for outdoor fireplaces generally begins at approximately $7,500.  Materials, size, special features, and existing structures must be taken into consideration to arrive at the cost.

If you plan to do any outdoor entertaining, you must plan on seating arrangements.  How many people will you expect to entertain on a regular basis?  Will you need tables as well as chairs?  Everything Outdoors of Tulsa will help you answer all these Tulsa landscaping questions.

An outdoor fireplace will turn your backyard into an entertainment space with a welcoming presence that speaks of relaxation and enjoyment.

We look forward to working with you to design and built your outdoor fireplace.  Call us today!

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