Landscaping outdoor living trends for Summer/Fall 2017


Landscaping Outdoor Living Trends for Summer/Fall 2017

Being outdoors, amongst Mother Nature’s various material features and creations, is not only incredibly healthy, but very satisfying as an activity so let’s go over some Tulsa landscaping and outdoor living trends for this year. The great outdoors has so many things to offer, in terms of enjoyment and relaxation. What’s best is that you do not have to go hiking for several miles, to enjoy the great outdoors, not when you can have a GREAT outdoors experience installed right in your backyard or garden!

Landscaping and outdoor living trends have come a long way, and have evolved quite a lot on the past few years. There is always so much you can do with some empty space nowadays, especially if you have a good, creative and trusty landscaping company by your side.

Top Outdoor Living and Landscaping Trends of the Year

There are always new designs and new trends coming out, in the world of landscaping. For this year, following are some of the most prevalent trends which you can follow, in order to have a space that will be the envy of all in the neighborhood and beyond! Landscaping outdoor living trends.

Green All Around

Greenery is always in, no matter what the time of year or season. You can install a variety of greenery options in your backyard or garden, and incorporate a number of natural and vibrant pieces into the available space. Since green is one of the most refreshing colors known to man, while also being rejuvenating on the emotional level, it is always a safe bet to have green around the landscape.

Edible Landscaping

Nowadays, healthy and organic eating is in vogue like never before. Incidentally, it is a healthy activity as well, which lends itself very to outdoor design as well. Having a herb and vegetable/fruit garden not only contributes to the cuisine, but it also makes for a truly natural space.

Colonial Stone Pathways and Installations

Nothing like a bit of classic, colonial outdoor living to set the tone for a truly classy garden space. Having a stone pathway, complete with stone sculptures or rails will not only give your space a bold and cultured appeal, but will also give off an erudite vibe.

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