Gardening and landscaping trends for 2017


4Gardening and Landscaping Trends to Watch Out For

Landscaping and gardening trends have shifted seasonally in 2017. This is because of the immense variety of design, as well as the number of different ways you can go about gardening. The seasons themselves have a lot to do with the variation in trends. For the most part though, there are a few that have stuck out, and these trends make up our list of top landscaping and gardening trends to watch out for.

1)   Vegetable/Spice Patches

Vegetables are generally very vibrant and colorful (the more commonly grown variety anyway). You have red from the tomatoes (technically fruit, yes!), green from spinach and cabbage, purple from eggplants and yellow from peppers. Spices, on the other hand, are very fragrant and make the entire space smell great. Combining the two though, is one of the hottest gardening and landscaping trends.

2)   Gravel Gardens

Think of lush green, red and various other colored plants sticking out of a bed of gravel, and you have another of the prevalent gardening and landscaping trends. Gravel gardens have the advantage of minimal weeds, which have a hard time growing through the gravel.

3)   Hedge-Lined Cobblestone Pathways

This is one of the older gardening and Tulsa landscaping trends; that has made a comeback and is ever popular now. A cobblestone path is as rustic as it gets, and a neat set of hedges on either side makes for an almost royal passage for you to walk thorough, feeling like a monarch!

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