Features and benefits of the major types of patio materials


When it comes to designing a patio and patio features and Tulsa landscaping, there are just so many options and so many materials to choose from that one often tends to get confused as to what they want their patio to look like! This is especially true today, when designers and outdoor living specialists have come up with endless design variations and fusions.

To aid in choosing which type of patio and patio features will be the best for you, following is a list of patio types, along with the salient features of each, to better help you decide which one to get.

1)   Gravel/Sand-Based Patio

A patio that has a gravel or sand base, has two distinct advantages. Firstly, it can be leveled and maintained very easily, simply by using a leveling implement. Secondly, it providesa nice texture, which adds an aesthetic edge to the patio. It ups the patio features to include an almost self-cleaning feature, since liquids and other spills can simply fall through the gaps.

2)   Solid Concrete Patio

This is a very permanent type of patio, one that is bound to stand the test of time. It is extremely weather resistant, and can be quite level if you opt for smooth concrete. There are a number ofpatio features that can be added on to a concrete patio, making it a very versatile material to work with as well.

3)   Concrete Paver Patio

This is easily the best looking version of the patio; constructed with a number of different colored paver slabs or stones. This type of patio is very tough as well.However, it is better looking as compared to the solid concrete patio, making it more desirable on the aesthetic end.

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