Do I need a retaining wall?


Downhill erosion can be controlled by a retaining wall. If erosion materials are causing blockage on your property, a retaining wall can solve the problem. By decreasing the angle of a slope, retaining walls reduce erosion and hold back soil.

If your home is downhill from soil fault lines, this is another indicator that you may need a retaining wall. Soil erosion may not be an issue for your home at present, but, for example, in the event of an earthquake, land generally slides away from fault lines. A retaining wall can provide stability if your home is located downhill from a fault line.

Erosion can jeopardize your home’s foundation. Soil that is washing away from a downhill foundation can be impeded by a retaining wall.

Building retaining walls is one of the important services that we at Everything Outdoors of Tulsa provide. We are pleased to offer these options for your Tulsa landscaping retaining walls:

– The Uni-lock Segmented Unit Lock Together Wall Systems
– Natural Stone
– Timber Structure

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