Beautifying the garden with a pergola or a gazebo in Tulsa.


Pergola VS Gazebo: Salient Featuresplus Which to Install in 2017

When decorating the garden or a garden space, it is important to go with structures and installations that complement the general ambience of the space, as well as provide some convenience to the occupants. A patio could be one such area.

However, since it is attached to the house itself, it doesn’t really qualify. A seating area with a fire pit could be another, but it can only be used when the weather is ideal, and doesn’t really provide all the comfort that you would need outdoors.

The only two remaining options are a pergola and a gazebo. Let’s consider the salient features of each, in order to determine which one you should install in your garden space this year.


Following are some of the beneficial features of pergolas

  • A pergola is a wonderful addition to the garden, one that provides shelter to the occupants underneath.
  • Pergolas have a distinct aesthetic appeal, and a royal history, since they were usually installed in royal gardens of old.
  • Vines, and climbing and trailing plants require some sort of armature to support their growth. A pergola provides the perfect support structure, and the growth then functions as a shelter.


Now for some beneficial features of a gazebo.

  • A gazebo is a sturdy structure that provides sitting arrangements inside the garden.
  • It is quite visually appealing if made well, and can contain many features such as a fire pit and furniture.


While a gazebo is advantageous and visually appealing, a pergola has more advantages, perhaps the best of which is the ability of plants to completely cover it, making it seem like the structure has melded with the greenery over time. These features make a pergola a better option for a garden and Tulsa landscaping.

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