Outdoor Fireplace VS Fire Pit: The Modern Landscaping Verdict


Outdoor Fireplace VS Fire Pit: The Modern Landscaping Verdict

When it comes to enjoying the true essence of nature and Tulsa landscaping, there’s nothing better than camping out with the family by using an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Surrounded by Mother Nature, you can explore the many offerings and enjoy the tranquility that is unrivalled, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a great way to make it happen.

There are times when you want to enjoy the serenity of the view but also wish for some homely comfort. Wish granted!

With attached patios you can enjoy the weather but what really makes outdoor spaces cozy is a fire feature. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, the fire feature can add ambiance to any setting, not to mention the heat and light they provide.

But there’s a long running debate over the appeal of these fire features in the modern landscape design. The truth is that both of these provide charm to your garden. Of course they both work well in different setting. So let’s explore the features and rest this debate once and for all when it comes to outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

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An outdoor space like a patio can be considered a luxury feature in any home. But as most outdoor spaces goes, you wouldn’t want to make it congested. Since the fireplace is part of the structure, it is fitted and sits quietly in the corner. It doesn’t take up much space and so you can sue the extra space for a seating arrangement.

Fire pits don’t offer that luxury. If you have a moderate sized outdoor space, a fire pit would take up much of the space. You can go for a fire feature depending on the space available. If you have ample space, go for a fire pit. But if the place is already crammed, an outdoor fireplace would be a better option.


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Some people like to add the interactive feature to their gatherings and hence their choice of the fire feature can depend on this need. Fire pits are generally considered more interactive since people can sit around them and talk. Whereas for fire places, the gathering has to sit facing the fire.

Fireplaces do offer some benefits to the architectural design of your house. They add a statement to your property and set an elegant tone for the patio. With fire pits, you’d have to worry about all the smoke but that’s not a problem with outdoor fireplaces. The smoke goes in the chimney and your gathering can easily remain smoke-free.

Code Regulations

Since you’d be burning wood in the fireplace, you can expect a lot of smoke. And as the code regulations go, you’d require a chimney that’s at least 2 feet taller than the surrounding structures. If you opt for a gas fireplace you wouldn’t need a chimney but it does require a gas line.

So these were some of the issues that you’d need to keep in mind when getting a fire feature. Both the outdoor fireplace and fire pit have their own fair share of advantages. So decide on the one that better suits your design and space requirement!


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